Tips we are sharing with our clients…

During this period of uncertainty, we recognize that you may not have extra bandwidth to assist your employees with questions about their 401(k) investments in your company plan. Below are tips we are sharing with our clients and we hope that you find them helpful as well.

  1. Avoid panic selling – Periods of volatility are the worst time to make any major changes to 401(k) investment selections. This is considered a form of market timing and it can lead to suppressed long term investment gains.
  2. Dollar Cost Averaging – By continuing to invest each pay period during up AND down markets, this can have the effect of lowering your overall cost basis, leading to greater returns in the long run.
  3. Diversify your investments – Diversification between asset classes and categories is intended to reduce risk in your investment portfolio. You can do this by selecting model portfolios or choosing multiple options in your plan.Shelton Capital Management is a multi-strategy asset manager offering sophisticated investment solutions. We offer important fiduciary services for employer-sponsored retirement plans, including investment selection and monitoring and plan participant education.For additional plan participant resources, visit www.shelton401(k).com; email or schedule time with me. We would be happy to assist you further.

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