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Smart companies, small businesses, even start-ups want personalized, customized 401(k) plans for their employees.

401(k) for your small business includes many pieces that all play a vital role in helping your employees plan for retirement. Shelton 401(k) specializes in providing retirement accounts designed for small businesses while making the process stress free for business owners. Shelton Capital Retirement Plan Services works closely with our clients to provide you with a reasonably priced, bundled solution that reduces complexity while producing optimal results for all stakeholders.

We provide high quality, concierge-level 401(k) service and support to help your employees save for retirement, and to help make you look good. We are experienced service professionals that provide live and online personalized resources for you and your employees.

“A 2019 study from the Society for Human Resource Management found that retirement benefits ranked second in importance (after health care) among all the benefits that employers offer.”

Gene Marks, Inquirer.com

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Transparent Pricing. No Hidden Fees.

Setting up a 401(k) with Shelton Capital for your small business has never been easier. Shelton Capital small business 401(k) benefits are straightforward low-cost solutions with no hidden fees. Your employees will have an abundant choice of investment options including passive index funds, actively managed funds, socially responsible selections, and risk-based model portfolios. A real, live US-based professional is always available to you and your employees for implementation and ongoing support.

Shelton provides a reasonably priced, bundled solution that reduces complexity and provides optimal results to all stakeholders.

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Investment Management for Over 35 Years.

Shelton 401(k) is part of a small privately held company, NOT an insurance company, NOT some big fund. We are administered by people, not by machines. However, should you choose to use our online application to start a 401(k), a genuine person will always be ready to assist should you get stuck.

We offer you the highest quality service and support that not only goes a long way in helping your employees save for retirement, and shows your commitment to them. Shelton Capital Retirement Plan Services offers a robust educational service, advanced plan design with easy administration, and our experienced service professionals answer participant calls and provide ongoing support.  We strive for 100% employee participation with each of our clients.

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