Are you Looking to Change or Switch your Company’s 401(k) Plan?

Here are five reasons we get contacted by plan sponsors to switch from other providers.

1. Fees

It is common for employer-sponsored retirement plans to have multiple service providers supporting the plan. Some of the fees are easier to discover while others are less clear. We have a standard of no hidden fees, so not only do our customers know our affordable fee structure, but we also help them identify fees paid to our service provider partners for a complete picture. It is common for a plan sponsor to not understand their existing providers fee structure until we help them analyze it.

2. Customer Service

Authentic client service is one of our core values. Retirement savings is hugely important, and we take a highly personalized approach to assisting our clients. Our U.S. based client service team answers all calls personally and we respond to emails promptly.

3. Better Investment Solutions

We provide fiduciary services which includes ongoing investment selection and monitoring responsibility. Our investment committee has decades of experience and our product has an extremely thoughtfully constructed list of actively managed and passive index stock and bond funds. We also have socially responsible investment selections on our list. To make the choice extremely easy we also have five risk-based model portfolios for a super simple choice.

4. Sponsor AND Participant Support

We serve two distinct and important groups. The first group is the plan sponsor, who is usually the CEO/Owner/Executive Director of the business or nonprofit organization. Our fiduciary services help provide the maximum support an investment manager can provide to them and this includes documentation of our investment committee meetings. The second group is the employees. They need help learning about investments and about retirement readiness. We offer live meetings in our clients’ offices and augment those sessions with online support.

5. Fiduciary Liability Protection

As an ERISA 3(38) Investment Manager, Shelton Capital Management has supplemental directors & officers’ insurance to protect our fiduciary services clients. We know our co-fiduciary role is extremely important and this insurance policy provides a depth of protection.