Shelton Capital Management 401(k) Plan Can Give You Peace of Mind When You Retire

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You may not want to rely on Social Security to sustain your lifestyle during retirement. Investing as little as the cost of a latte every morning from every paycheck can result in a very healthy 401(k) account balance over the course of a few decades. Start taking responsibility for your healthier financial future and enroll now.

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Our retirement team at Shelton Capital Management cares about your future so much that we had our professionals write out a few 401(k) professional tips to help you in the New Year. In our emails we covered everything from model portfolios, market risks, diversification, and Roth IRAs. When we first started writing these emails, we found that it can be overwhelming to not know everything about all of the 401(k) guidelines and options. So we decided to answer these questions for you.

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There are many 401(k) retirement plan companies and service providers out there. So many choices can be overwhelming. We help you find out more information on plan options, allow you to compare plans and benefits to help you find what 401(k) retirement plan best aligns with your preferences.

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