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How much do I need to retire?

Your retirement plan is unique to your saving and your investing strategies. Do you want to travel the world? Work at a small flower shop? Buy a beach house? Whatever the answer is, we believe this simple 401(k) calculator will help you figure out if you’re on track to achieve your retirement planning goals.

How much should I be putting into my 401(k)?

Most people look at their current assets as well as the amount they’ve been saving to see how much they’ll have when they retire and how long that amount will last. With this 401(k) calculator you can look at your current projection and see if you need to adjust your plan or continue with what you’ve been doing.

How much will I receive from Social Security?

Social Security benefit is not something you should rely on. While Social Security can help with your retirement income, there are a lot of factors that likely impact how much you will receive. This calculator is a useful tool to approximate how much you may receive from your Social Security benefit.

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