Attention Small Business Owners – BIGGER Tax Credits for New Small Business Retirement Plans Cannot Be Ignored!

The SECURE (Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement) Act passed into law in December 2019 made meaningful improvements to retirement plans to boost retirement readiness in the U.S.   There were several different types of changes in this regard, and for employers who do not have a company retirement plan yet, this Act helps to make it easier for a small business to offer a plan to their employees.  Here is a simple summary of existing and new tax credits.

The original tax credit from 2001 was 50% of start-up costs up to $500 per year for three years (total of $1,500).  The credit can be carried back one year or forward 20 years.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. 100 or fewer employees who received at least $5,000 in compensation in the prior year
  2. At least one Non-Highly Compensated Employee plan participant (defined as under $120,000 in income)
  3. No employees received benefits from a prior plan in past three years before you take tax credit

The 2019 SECURE Act expands the tax credit to $250 per Non-Highly Compensated Employee up to $5,000 for three years.  This is up to a $15,000 maximum compared to the earlier $1,500 amount.

There is yet another tax credit in the SECURE Act.  Small business employers who add automatic enrollment receive a $500 credit for three years, for an additional total of $1,500.

All told, this brings the total tax credit to a possible $16,500 over three years, which goes a tremendous way to offsetting plan costs.

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