Shelton 401(k) Sees Growing Millennial and Gen Z Interest in Retirement Investing

Younger investors are investing in greater numbers and aligning their investments with their values.

As the Millennial generation turns 40, there are encouraging signs that many of this generation’s 72 million members are embracing long-term investing with a sharp eye toward retirement, according to Shelton Retirement Plan Services.

Despite encountering two disruptive economic crises—the 2008 Great Recession and the COVID-19 pandemic—early in their careers, nearly half of millennials have a retirement savings account, such as a 401(k) or IRA and over 30% are actively contributing to it.

“Millennials are leaning into retirement savings,” said Ann Margaret Williams, Director of Retirement Plan Services. “We’ve observed that they really want to invest in companies that they know. And many are also investing with an eye toward corporate social responsibility and sustainable and impact investing.”

Shelton Retirement Plan Services, which takes fiduciary responsibility for investment decisions and provides abundant investment options for company 401(k) retirement plans, is a part of Shelton Capital Management and leverages the firm’s experience, sophistication, and a range of investment solutions to provide small business clients with the client-centric focus of an independent investment boutique.

Shelton Retirement Plan Services offers several unique funds from the Shelton Capital line-up that may particularly interest millennials, including:

  • The Nasdaq-100 Index Fund (Ticker: NASDX): The Fund, which received the 2021 Refinitiv Lipper Fund Award for Best Fund over ten years in the Large Cap Growth Fund category, as well as other industry recognition, seeks to replicate the performance of the largest non-financial companies as measured by the Nasdaq-100 Index®. It is likely appealing to Millennial investors because the index includes category-defining companies on the forefront of innovation—from Apple, Microsoft and Alphabet, to Amgen, Starbucks and Tesla.
  • The Shelton Green Alpha Fund (Ticker: NEXTX): topped the list of U.S. equity ESG funds from 2020 according to Morningstar. The Fund invests primarily in common stocks of companies that Green Alpha Advisors (the “Sub-Advisor”) believes are leaders in managing environmental risks and opportunities, have above-average growth potential and are reasonably valued.

With deep financial industry expertise, Shelton Retirement Plan Services provides sophisticated 3(38) investment fiduciary services for our clients. Shelton Retirement Plan Services works with plan sponsors and small business owners to get the most out of their company 401(k) retirement plans.

About Shelton Capital Management

Shelton Capital Management is a multi-strategy asset manager delivering sophisticated investment solutions and acts as a co-fiduciary on employer-sponsored retirement plans as a 3(38) advisor. Founded in 1985, Shelton Capital Management has maintained consistent investment principles and a steadfast focus on authentic customer service. Shelton Capital Management manages over $3.6 billion of assets as of March 31, 2021. For additional information, please call (800) 955-9988.

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Investors should consider a strategy’s investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing.