Simple, Low-Cost 401(k) Solution: Shelton 401(k)

  • Modernize your plan and conform with the best offering to small businesses.
  • A 3(38) Investment Manager oversees the investment review process, using industry experts to evaluate investment options each quarter.
  • The plan sponsor no longer needs to document and maintain recommended quarterly and annual reviews because the work is outsourced to the investment fiduciary.
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Feature Benefit
Pre-selected funds from multiple fund families and strategic managed portfolios Frees plan sponsor of quarterly obligations/investment decisions
Fiduciary Liability Protection $3 million in fiduciary liability insurance provides depth of protection
Low employer cost with high service We take care of the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on your business
Participation Education Higher participation and contribution rates
Fee benchmarking Drive lower costs

Plan Sponsors have fiduciary responsibilities when offering a company retirement plan. Allow Shelton 401(k) Fiduciary Services to share a big portion of them with you. We are in this together.


The Players in your Retirement Plan

A Gold-Standard Corporate Retirement Plan solution includes many different pieces and it can be confusing to customers. All pieces play a vital role and any missing part can make a retirement plan offering substandard. Shelton Capital Management works closely with our partners to provide you with a reasonably priced, bundled solution that reduces the complexity and provides optimal results to all stakeholders.

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Corporate Retirement Plan Services We Provide

  • ERISA 3(38) Investment Manager
    A gold-standard corporate 401(k) retirement plan is a key part of any benefits package. We act as co-fiduciary on corporate retirement plans to reduce workload and risk for plan sponsors. We are the outsourced investment committee providing mutual fund selection and monitoring.
  • Plan Participant On-Site & Online Education
    We think saving for retirement is hugely important. We empower employees by offering live and online investment education sessions.
  • Ongoing Plan Sponsor & Plan Participant Support
    Our FINRA-licensed client service team answers your calls and provides highly personalized attention by answering investment questions, providing loan distribution and rollover information and much more.

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