Retirement Plan Service with Concierge Service

Shelton Capital offers services as a 3(38) investment fiduciary on 401(k) single and multiple employer plans (MEPs) as defined by Section 3(38) of ERISA, which eases the need for the Plan Sponsor to perform the actions relating to investment selection and quarterly monitoring. This serves to reduce risk and workload, and we act as the plan’s investment committee.

Shelton Capital Retirement Plan Services offers advanced plan design, easy administration, and educational services for owners and employees. We aim for 100% participation rates with each of our clients and provide live and online participant education sessions at adopting employers’ offices. We offer Denver, Colorado-based, authentic client service to support and educate you, from employer to participant, to advisor or partner. You can email or call a person and experience the highest level of client service.

The Players in Your Retirement Plan

A company retirement plan service includes many pieces, and it can confuse customers. All pieces play a vital role, and any missing part can make a retirement plan offering substandard. Shelton Capital Management works closely with our partners to provide you with a reasonably priced, bundled solution that reduces the complexity and provides optimal results to all stakeholders.

Does your offering have each of these necessary components? 

Your Fiduciary Responsibilities

401(k) single and multiple employer plan sponsors have fiduciary responsibilities when providing this offering to participants. Some of the fiduciary responsibilities include:

  • Act in the interest of plan participants

  • Follow plan documents

  • Diversify investment options and pay reasonable fees

  • Regular investment option review and oversight

Shelton Capital Management offers services as a 3(38) investment fiduciary for 401(k) single and multiple employer plans acting as the discretionary investment advisor. We conduct investment selection and monitoring and offer quarterly documentation to the plan sponsor. Only an ERISA 3(38) Investment Manager can be considered a fiduciary investment manager and any other type of advisor leaves the plan sponsor as the sole fiduciary for these responsibilities (see FAQs for more information).

Educational Support

While other service providers focus solely on the small and medium business owner (SMB) and on the administration of the company’s 401(k) plan, we go one step further. Shelton Capital Management helps the 401(k) plan participants by providing online and on-site live investment education sessions. This step is critical in helping boost participation rates. Why are participation rates important? We call it the ‘Trickle Up Effect’.

We provide concierge-level service and support that not only goes a long way in helping employees start saving for retirement, but we make you look good in the process. Besides online and live education sessions, our experienced service professionals answer participant calls and provide ongoing support.  We also offer online tools and resources for educational purposes.

trickle up chart 2

Not Just Another Service Provider

One of our core values at Shelton Capital Management is growth. We see two great ways of accomplishing this with you.  We are seeking partners who wish to add new customers together.  We know the PEO industry has tons of room to grow and we want to do our part to help move the needle.

The second way is by taking care of the end customer.  In this case, it is the employees that work at your customers’ companies.

We provide concierge-level service and support that not only goes a long way in helping them start saving for retirement, but it makes you look good in the process.  Satisfied customers can often lead you to new customers which is a winning combination.

Our Retirement Plan Services Product

  • Thoughtful selection of stock and bond funds

  • Actively managed and passive index funds

  • Five model portfolios

  • Socially-responsible investment selections

  • No hidden fees

  • Simple, straightforward solution

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