A 401(k) Partner That Invests in Your Employees

Smart companies, small businesses, even start-ups want personalized, customized 401(k) plans for their employees.

401(k) for your small business includes many pieces that all play a vital role in helping your employees plan for retirement. Shelton 401(k) specializes in providing retirement accounts designed for small businesses while making the process stress free for business owners. Shelton Capital Retirement Plan Services works closely with our clients to provide you with a reasonably priced, bundled solution that reduces complexity while producing optimal results for all stakeholders. We are proud to have been serving investors since 1985 and as of March 31, 2024, our firm has grown to manage over $5 billion in assets.

With Shelton Retirement Plan Services, we provide concierge-level service and support on company 401(k) plans. Shelton Capital Management combines the best traits of a large institutional firm: experience, sophistication, and a range of investment solutions, with the client-centric focus of an independent investment boutique.

  • checkmarkTransparent pricing
  • checkmarkPersonalized plan design
  • checkmarkFINRA-licensed, US-based, dedicated client service team
  • checkmarkSophisticated investment fiduciary services
  • checkmarkInvestment oversight
  • checkmarkRisk-based model portfolios
  • checkmarkSafe Harbor plans to reduce IRS discrimination testing
  • checkmarkPersonalized attention & customization to plan sponsor, participant needs
  • checkmarkPayroll integration

Why Shelton Retirement Plan Services for Your Company 401(k) Plan?

At Shelton Retirement Plan Services, you are not a number but a familiar name. Your primary point of contact allows you to focus on day-to-day business while we handle the complexities of your workplace retirement plan.

Our retirement solution takes an investment-first approach. 
We offer U.S. based, live customer service to support and educate you, whether you’re a business owner, participant, advisor, or partner. You can email or call to speak with an actual person who is committed to providing you quality client service.

Helping your employees take control of their financial lives is a win-win.
Employees admit that financial worries have affected their health, relationships, productivity, and time away from work. While financial stress can have insidious effects throughout your company, effective financial education and wellness programs have the power to attract and retain high caliber employees. Our specialized client relationship team is committed to helping boost your company culture with highly sought after benefits that keep your employees happy and engaged.

We’re all in. 
Saving for retirement is a long-term goal, and at Shelton Capital, we make your retirement readiness and financial preparedness our top priority. Through offering robust education, advanced plan design, and easy administration, we strive for 100% participation with each of our clients.

The Path to a Faster Retirement Starts with Shelton


Talk to a person,
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Design a custom
retirement plan

Our 401(k) professionals are here to guide you every step of the way.

Roll out your

401(k) Plan

Congrats! You’re ready to launch, start saving, and enjoy!

Shelton Retirement Plan Services was recognized as the “Best Employee Retirement Plan for Customer Support” for 2024 by Business.com

Gene Marks, Business.com

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