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4 05, 2020
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Shelton 401(k) Pro-Tip #16: Know Why You Would Invest in Bonds

2022-05-05T04:36:51-06:00May 4th, 2020|

When you build a 401(k) portfolio, one of the first decisions you will make is choosing how much of your money you want to invest in stocks vs. bonds. The right answer depends on many things, of course, including your experience as an investor, your age, and the investment philosophy you plan on using.

21 04, 2020
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Time to Align Impact Analysis with Your Retirement Investments?

2022-05-05T04:31:27-06:00April 21st, 2020|

These important products can, of course, enhance any personal portfolio with the addition of environmentally sustainable investments. But more than that, impact investing vehicles can provide a way for investors to earn returns and make a difference in the environment through their retirement accounts.

18 04, 2020
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Take Full Advantage of Your Company’s 401(k) Plan – Now is the time!

2022-05-05T21:44:31-06:00April 18th, 2020|

There is admittedly no more important employee benefit than healthcare insurance, but your 401(k) plan follows immediately after it. And we believe that now is the ideal time to start contributing if you have not done so, increase your contribution amounts if you are already participating, and consider investing in more aggressive options if you have a long time to go before retirement.

14 04, 2020
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Shelton 401(k) Pro-Tip #14: Know Why You Would Invest in Stocks

2022-05-05T04:27:54-06:00April 14th, 2020|

Among the most important — and perhaps most intimidating — decisions you must make when you participate in a 401(k) plan is how to invest the money you are contributing to your account. The investment portfolio you choose determines the rate at which your account has the potential to grow and the income that you will be able to withdraw after you retire.

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